About KJ Marshall

KJ Marshall

Hey! I’m KJ Marshall! This is an “About Me” page, so I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about me, even though I hate talking about myself.

My dwelling lands are the Southern US, and they always have been. I’m from the beautiful swamps of Louisiana. No, I don’t own a pet alligator, but I have shot one in the head with a .22 Caliber shotgun; then I fried and ate him. Tasted just like Chicken. Don’t be grossed out. He was only about a five-footer.

As far as spilling my imagination into the pages of enthralling stories, I write Crime Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy.

As far as blogging goes, if I see something and feel a passionate opinion toward it, I say it. I’m nothing if not overly opinionated.

I eat bugs every spring. We call them Crawfish.

I’m extremely happily married to a man, though I’m “Pansexual” if I must  label myself. That means I don’t prefer any specific sex, and most of my characters are LGBT Characters.

I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy writing it.







Writing Mentors:

Editor: Budgie Bigelow
Beta: Budgie Bigelow
Co-Conspirator: Budgie Bigelow
(b u d g i e b i g e l o w . c o m)

Budgie is the author of the “Dusk” series, “Blood Drive”, “Freedom Lane”, and more. His books can be found on Amazon, and his other musings can be found on his website, linked above.