So, this entry is going to be a little different than my usual entries, and I feel humiliated for even doing it.



I should have blogged this great news sooner, but there’s no better time than the present!

First of all, I’m sorry I’ve not been around much. Most of my posting has been on A Million and One Magazine. (If you’re not following our awesome magazine yet, you should! We feature indie authors and artists!)

I am now offering editing services!

One of the most common complaints from people reading books by self-published authors is that the editing isn’t up to par. Let me assure you that with me as your editor, you’ll never hear such nonsense again.

I’m thorough and detail oriented, while also being prompt in getting your work back to you by your deadline.

I offer anything from basic proof-reading to full-on edits, as well as constructive criticism.

I have received some reviews from people who have trusted me with something as serious as their writing!

“Katherina beta-read and edited ‘Ant-head: A Love story’, and she did a phenomenal job! Don’t believe me? Go read the sample on Amazon and see for yourself!” – Budgie Bigelow

Also from Budgie Bigelow, “She does excellent work and is extremely fair with her pricing!”

Find out how to inquire about my editing as well as our other services here:
A Million and One Magazine Publishing Services.

Talk to you soon!

-KJ Marshall

Beautifully stated.

Budgie Bigelow

First off: Don’t take my advice if you don’t want it. It’s free, my opinion, and usually harsh. I don’t add sugar to my coffee, and I don’t sweeten my advice to fellow writers. Granted, some advice may be unsolicited, but I offer guidance because I care.

…or “cared” at least.

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