Goodbye, Katherine.

I guess I don’t  quite know where to start. I’m sure the title gives away what this post is about.

Katherine is leaving the writing world, including this website, and all social media. Before you get all sad and whatnot, do allow me to explain.

Katherine is leaving forever. I am not. You see, Katherine Marshall is a pen name, a facade, a persona that I felt more comfortable in than my own skin. My friends and I have been talking a lot lately about labels, and why we need them; or rather the fact that we don’t need them. We should just all be ourselves.

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that. It took me thirty years to find something that I was good at and passionate about.  For those of you who don’t know, that’s a long time to have a question mark hanging over the void in your soul because you’re empty without any semblance of where you’re supposed to go in life. Lately I’ve been thinking, after all this time struggling to find out who I am, do I really want to achieve my goals as someone else?

I won’t drag on with the details of how I came to be Katherine, because they’re not that interesting. Long story short, I started writing as myself, didn’t like it, didn’t want to disappoint my family by being an LGBT writer, so I made a new me. I kept thinking that people liked Katherine more than me, then it hit me: I AM Katherine. I’m just more comfortable as her. Now it’s time to be comfortable as me.

I introduce you to me, Mel Westcott. Writer, Editor, Artist. The real name behind the words.

My website will remain under the KJ Marshall URL until it’s time to renew it, at which time I’ll change it to the appropriate name.

So..I’ll be seeing y’all around. Thanks for listening! ❤



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