Million And One Magazine


I’m excited to be announcing the debut of Million And One Magazine, co-founded by myself and my good friend Budgie Bigelow(

What is it? Good question! It stems from want. Wanting to live in a hypothetical world where Indie Artists of all genres support other Indie Artists, so we created a platform to make that possible.

Aside from seeing posts from our authors, short stories, articles about writing, and weekly prompt challenges, readers can submit both their writings and their artwork. All authors and artists retain the rights to their work. Pieces will be showcased on our front page for a two week time span!

Why would you bother? Another good question! There’s no catch. We don’t pay you, because you’re keeping your rights, but it’s a place where you can submit your creativity, with no strings attached and no limits, so people can see your work.

We’re just starting out, but we have big plans for Million And One!

So check us out, here: Million And One

Make sure you subscribe at the bottom of the page, hit that blue follow button in the sidebar, and find out how to submit your masterpiece!

We can’t wait to hear from you!




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