Prompt as Hell with Budgie Bigelow and KJ Marshall

I am so excited – Excited as Hell, if I may- to be writing this blog, about an exciting collaboration of sorts featuring my best bud Budgie Bigelow( and myself, KJ Marshall; if you didn’t know that’s me. Moving on.

I’ve been pondering this thought for a while, to myself. On my birthday last week, Budgie asked me thirty-one questions for a blog piece I was determined to do that day. These questions were so off the wall they made me laugh. I don’t know how he came up with some of them.

Last night, I sent Budgie a message, informing him of my bright idea, and he loved it! So, here’s what it is!

On Wednesday every week, Budgie and I will give each other ridiculous, off the wall prompts. There are no boundaries and no rules, though if we absolutely refuse to write on a certain topic, we did establish a safe word. I can’t tell you what it is. It’s a super Budgie & KJ secret. I seriously doubt either of us will use said safe word. Dark humorists have no limits, and even if they did, Budgie and I don’t.

So, that being said, we give each other a prompt, and the other must write an entire piece based on that prompt. We are not allowed to disclose what the prompt is in the piece.

This project is not only for your entertainment and ours. Budgie and I beta read and edit for each other, and we have a tendency to bust each other’s balls, because criticism isn’t beneficial if you can’t be honest. Right? Right.

In doing these ridiculous prompts, we have a way to explore our imaginations and ability to write on a whim, which I feel is a good way to fine tune our craft.

You can read Budgie’s first prompt post here: Prompt as Hell with KJ and Budgie #1 – The Dog Who Ate My Sandwich 

You can read my first prompt post here: Prompt as Hell with KJ and Budgie #1 – Max and the Cable Guy

I hope you guys enjoy the shenanigans that are “Prompt As Hell”! We’ll see you next Wednesday!!

-KJ Marshall



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