Feminism 101, Me Too, Time’s Up, and Scarlett Johansson

So, I googled “Feminism” today. This is what Google told me.

“Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social EQUALITY of the sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those of men. “

“Equality of the sexes”.

There’s that word I love so much; Equality. What’s it mean?

“Equality – The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.”

Ok…so let’s break that down one more step and define the word “Equal”.

“Equal – Being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.”

So, it stands to reason that Feminism is a good thing. Right? Or am I wrong?

Feminism could be a good thing perhaps, until some people who proclaim to be feminists forgot the meaning of the words I’ve defined above. 

According to the research I’ve done, it appears as though “Feminism” seeks out equality and balance for men and women alike, whereas “Radical Feminism” seeks to destroy it. I guess I’m addressing “Radical Feminism” in that case. 

Let’s look at two of the newest movements in the Feminist world.

At first glance the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements seem like a beautiful way to empower women and let them find their voice to stop sexual harassment. Women should be allowed a voice, most definitely. There are still far too many women who are scared to speak out.

Good thing Alyssa Milano resurfaced the Me Too movement by adding a hashtag to it, and a group of A-listers started the “Twitter Judgement Day” movement with the #TimesUp hashtag so that the Twitterverse could lash out and pound its hypothetical gavel at both the truthfully accused, and the falsely so.

I fully believe that there are women speaking the truth about being assaulted, and I do feel terrible for what those women have endured and that they were silenced for so long. (This doesn’t just happen in Hollywood, people. It happens where I’m from, in Poverty America, too. My job is employed solely by females. We have several customers who make unwelcome sexual advances toward us daily. One guy even dropped his pants and played with himself right in the middle of the store. He was an exhibitionist. We called the police. Not one of us was thrilled with his exposure.)

I also believe that there are women who are accusing men just for the sake of their “15 minutes of fame”, without so much as a side thought about how it might affect those men, or truthful victims, for that matter. When a woman falsely accuses a man, it arouses suspicion any other time a woman comes forward. I feel like that’s the point of needing proof.

The very second a name is added to the list of sexual predators, women and men alike jump to the support of the accuser; NOT victim. Accuser. They’re not victims until the accused is proven to have done whatever it is he allegedly did. People instantly start publicly bashing the men over what may or may not be false accusations. Forgive my opinion here, but calling someone a “rapist” without any fact based proof is a display of ignorance. That, my friends, is what you call “Bullying”, and possibly even defamation of character. Defamation of character is a very real thing, people, so be careful with your words.

A great example of what I speak of here, is Scarlett Johansson. She felt it necessary to stand behind a podium at the Women’s March and call out James Franco, without having a single shred of proof, asking how he could support a movement that empowers women and gives them a voice, while secretly using his power to prey on them.

Yet, she said the accusations against Woody Allen were “Guess work” because they hadn’t been validated. I guess she figured that her little hypocritical  faux pas would be overlooked because of her gender. Guess again, Scarlett. They’re onto you, and they want their pin back. Isn’t using your female gender to speak hate against wrongfully accused men the very abuse of power you preach against? You have the audacity to stand up there and play judge and jury in the name of what SHOULD be but is no longer a powerful movement?

It would appear as though some of the women within the feminist community have no intention of helping other women. It seems like they just want to be shown as people who stand for something, and it seems they need to rethink their morals.

There’s this thing you may or may not have heard of. I’m quoting from Google here.  It’s called “Presumption of Innocence“.

“The presumption of innocence, sometimes referred to by the Latin expression ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies), is the principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty.

In many states, presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is an international human right under the UN‘s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11. Under the presumption of innocence, the legal burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which must collect and present compelling evidence to the trier of fact. The trier of fact (a judge or a jury) is thus restrained and ordered by law to consider only actual evidence and testimony presented in court. The prosecution must, in most cases prove that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If reasonable doubt remains, the accused must be acquitted.

Under the Justinian Codes and English common law, the accused is presumed innocent in criminal proceedings, and in civil proceedings (like breach of contract) both sides must issue proof.”

In simple terms, that means people are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty…Unless you’re a man…And you’re being accused by women of Sexual assault…Then you’re just screwed. That definition also states that it’s up to the prosecution, or in this case, accuser, to show proof. Since when is a Tweet PROOF?

“The Prosecution must, in most cases, prove that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.” He said/She said without substantial evidence definitely gives reason to doubt.

So “Feminism” seems to be a political agenda which throws politics right out the window, unless it benefits the women of the movement? What I’ve quoted above is law. It’s human rights. Much like equality.

There’s that word again. Women want equality. Women want power. It’s not EQUALITY if you’re working your way up while knocking men down; that’s misandry.

“Misandry – Dislike of, Contempt for, or Ingrained prejudice against men.”

Equality. Equality should be everyone working together to help each other and make this world a better place. Men, Women, LGBT+, Black people(Forgive me if that’s not the politically correct term. I mean no offense).

If “Feminism” truly is the fight for equality for women, then let it be that, because I’m feeling right now that it’s more of a female over-taking of power.

I’m not here to bash feminism, although I’m sure people will think that’s what I’m doing. I’m only here to open eyes and make people see that if the goal is to be “equal” at the expense of others, it’s a little hypocritical, and strategies and motives need to be re-thought.

Radical Feminists are ruining it for those Feminists who just want to make genuine change, and it’s sad.

Women have found their power alright. With only 140 characters, or one small statement, they have the power to ruin a man’s reputation forever.

OH, also…Saying it’s sexist to ask a woman to smile is like saying it’s bullying to ask a fat kid if he wants cake. It’s not sexist. It’s women using their gender propaganda as an excuse to be grouchy and target men over one more unnecessary thing. This is a perfect example of misandry, by the way.

I’d like to touch on one other subject before I go. Some of the recently accused of sexual assault have been labeled as “rapists”. Rape is an entirely different matter. Bill Cosby is an alleged rapist. Those who have been accused of coercion and other possibly inaccurate allegations, are not.


-KJ Marshall



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